Hi I’m Jess!

I am a mama, yoga + fitness teacher and a holistic health coach certified in plant-based nutrition. I help you eat more plant-based + high vibe foods and transform into your healthiest and happiest self. I created a healthy + happy lifestyle full of plant-based + gluten-free food and self-care to help heal myself.

For years I suffered with autoimmune issues, Hashimoto’s, monthly yeast infections, food sensitivities and chronic fatigue. I decided to make a New Years resolution, back in 2014, to be as healthy and happy as I could be whatever it takes. Never did I expect that decision would change every area of my life so drastically…

I’ve tried almost every diet, gone to specialty doctors and read countless books on health. I researched the secrets of vibrant, youthful people and discovered that they have a similar mindset and eating style. I implemented what I learned and developed this lifestyle as a way of achieving that health and happiness within myself. Plant-based eating provides the most energy, best physical health and outward vibrance I’ve ever experienced. With it brings an enlightened mental state, clear conscience and a sense of well-being. Conscious eating and daily self-care practices have transformed my health. I no longer suffer from any chronic symptoms and I’m feeling the best in my life.

My mission is to empower you to create your own healthy + happy life and provide resources, tools and information that can help support you on your transformational path. My purpose is to demonstrate what is possible when you declare that you are worthy of love, knowing your truth, achieving your purpose and experiencing divine health. No matter what your circumstances, I encourage you to commit to yourself that you deserve to be as healthy + happy as possible!