Healthy + Happy Habit #1

I ‘m starting a new series sharing healthy + happy habits that, if applied, have the power to transform your entire life. These are tips that I have personally applied for long enough that I can confirm that they WORK!!

Healthy + Happy Habit #1 :

The 25 min POWER WALK

If I could suggest one daily habit to propel your life forward not only in terms of overall health + wellbeing but also personal, physical and mental strength, it is to take a BRISK 25 minute walk everyday FIRST thing in the morning. I’m going to tell you how to do it for optimal results and why this is so beneficial…

Here’s the WHY:

Do it for your BRAIN:
Did you know that physical activity is the number one thing you can do for healthy cognition? In fact, physical activity that gets your heart rate up for just 25 minutes a day prevents and reverses mental decline and degenerative disease with age. 
Helps You Sleep:
Unfiltered sunlight first thing in morning sets up your circadian rhythm for the whole day! Getting that morning light (without sunglasses) regulates the secretion of melatonin which will help you fall asleep at night.
No matter what time of year, if you walk briskly you will work up a sweat. Your skin is one of the biggest detox pathways and sweating will help to open that pathway up to eliminate toxins from the body.  
Vitamins + Immunity:
When your eyes see unfiltered morning sunlight it helps your body to produce Vitamin D. The sunlight on your skin, even if it’s cloudy, will also help keep your vitamin D levels high. Fresh air, energy from the trees and the nautre around you will invoke gratitude that will improve your immune system.
Get your Strength, Confidence, Endurance + Power Back:
When I was struggling with anxiety at the beginning of the Pandemic, strapping my toddler into a stroller and going for a power walk was the most transformational thing I did for myself. Prioritizing this essential step made all the difference in my mood, health and confidence.  In yoga there is a saying that when your legs are strong it moves your life forward. When you walk you get stronger, build endurance and you will move your life forward, even for just 25 minutes a day.

Here’s the HOW:

1. Aim for just 25 minutes. 
Try and keep it under 30 minutes because it’s the perfect amount of time to get your heart rate up and leave you feeling energized instead of depleted. You may find it more sustainable than committing to a longer workout and it’s all you need to see results.

2. Put that POWER in your step.
You want to push yourself to walk as fast as you can (you may even want to lightly jog if it feels good). If you can strap your littles in a stroller, even better! Hold good posture, engage your core, firm your butt and gooooo. 

3. Leave the Sunglasses and sunscreen at home.
Go first thing in the morning (or as early in the day as possible). Wear a hat instead of sunglasses and feel the sun on your skin. Let your eyes adjust to the morning light (read why above).


Try it for a week and you’ll know what I mean. Not only will you look great, you’ll feel amazing and invincible.