Being in balance produces alignment and being in alignment produces balance

You are a powerful creator and can manifest perfect health and happiness in your life, in fact, it is your birthright.

While there are many definitions and thoughts that come up for people when they hear the word BALANCE the one meaning that stands out the most to me is: to keep or put something in a steady position so that it does not fall.  

To me, balance is a SUPER POWER. When all the areas of your life are balanced you are strong, healthy and unstoppable. You are in the perfect position to create anything you desire in your life. Being in balance also cultivates our ultimate goal of being in alignment in every area of our life. Balance and alignment work together in a symbiotic relationship and one gives way to the other. When you are in alignment you have a strong inner knowing of what to do, how to treat your body, what to say, what to believe, what to eat and how to live.

In my program Get SUPER BALANCED with Jess we go through the 5 areas of your life and look at each one closely to determine the exact formula of habits that will balance you into a position that will not fall. You will cultivate a relationship with yourself that will help guide you into which direction to go in each area that is aligned with your specific values, goals and desires. You will be on the path to reach the ultimate goal which is to be in such alignment with your higher self that you are living fully in your purpose, joy and health.

In the program, we will take a detailed look at the 5 areas of your life to discover and implement new habits in each area that will bring forth your healthiest and happiest self. You will find the specific things that you personally need to add or eliminate to find your perfect state of BALANCE.

  1. Your Body: We will closely examine your health, diet and lifestyle. We will go over eliminating irritating substances that have weakened your body and mind and replace them with nourishing foods and herbs to become your strongest self again. We will go through detox protocols, movement specific for your strongest body and the best foods to fuel you. Once you are out of an unbalanced state you will feel more free to listen fully to what your body is saying to stay balanced. You will no longer feel like a slave to diet and routine but you will feel freely connected to your inner knowing and intuition to guide your
  2. Your mind: We will uncover limiting beliefs that have held you back from stepping full into your power and wellness and replace them with affirming words and thought patterns. We will carve out time daily to learn, grow and meditate. We will practice self love and implement self care into our daily routine. We will raise our vibration to that of love and practice manifestation, visualization and creation of our desires.
  3. Your spirit: We will discover ways to connect with nature and all living things. We will carve out time for daily meditation, prayer and communion with God.
  4. Your social/emotional life: We will look closely at your relationships with individuals close to you as well as your community and find ways to improve each for your ultimate goals and wellbeing.
  5. Your Creativity/Purpose: We will spend time each day working on your creative gifts and what brings you joy. These things are why you are here and will give you clues in what your purpose is on earth and the work you are called to do.

Once every area of your life is in a state of balance you will feel more free to listen fully to what your body is saying to stay in that state of balanced and you will have sustained newly reset energy and vibrance.

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