Services I Provide

1:1 Consultation

One-on-one sessions to unlock the path to your healthiest + happiest self. We will go over the 5 areas of your life to discover new habits in each area to achieve your goals. I will guide you every step of the way. 

Nutrition Strategies

One-on-one sessions to provide personalized guidance to transitioning to to a  predominantly plant-based diet, tailored to your individual health goals and dietary preferences

Meal Plans and Recipes

I will create a customized plant-based meal plan and provide delicious and nutritious recipes to support your journey to your healthiest and happiest self.

Yoga Classes

Offering a variety of one-on-one yoga classes, such as gentle flow, power yoga, resotorative yoga and vinyasa flow, suitable for all levels. 

Personalized Yoga Practice

Developing personalized yoga sequences for you based on your ability, fitness level, and health goals, allowing you to deepen your yoga practice and benefit from increased strength, flexibility, balance and mindfulness.

Ongoing Support + Accountability

Offering regular check-ins, email support, or membership services to provide ongoing guidance, motivation, and accountability for you on your health and yoga journey.

Grocery Store Tours

I will guide you through your local grocery store, educating you on how to select and read labels for plant-based options, and suggestions for nutrient-rich foods to include in your diet

Pantry Makeover

I help you transition to a plant-based lifestyle by assisting in identifying and replacing unhealthy ingredients in their pantry with vegan alternatives, maximizing nutritional value.

Group Workshops

Conducting informative workshops on plant-based nutrition, detoxification, balancing candida, parasitic cleanses, gut health, cooking demos, and meal planning to help clients incorporate healthy, plant-based eating into their everyday lives.

Work With Me

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