Day 13: Mung Beans #27DaysOfThanks

Day 13: Mung Beans

I loved Mung Beans! I’ve always found them so delicious and full of nutrients, but after researching them a bit further, I am even more impressed…

Reasons to love Mung Beans:

  1. They are so easy to make! These here are sprouted mung beans so they cook in even less time with even more #health benefits.
  2. They fight all kinds of diseases. Research has shown that they suppress the growth of several different cancer cells. They can also prevent a blood infection called Sepsis.
  3. Mung beans can help you live longer and look younger. Phytoestrogens in mung beans can stimulate the production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin! This will give you healthier, younger looking skin.
  4. They have a low-glycemic index which is safe for diabetics and great to eat when trying to lose weight. They will help you feel full while giving you fiber, protein and energy.

#27DaysOfThanks for Mung Beans and their many health benefits!

Let’s try to eat them more often, okay?

See you tomorrow for letter “N.” ♥

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