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Sharing my research/knowledge on my Healthy Happy journey. Health, relationship, passion coach, actor, and truth seeker. Vegan, Gluten-Free, High Carb, Low Fat, Plant based, RawTill4. Ⓥ

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The SHORT of it: I’m extremely passionate about healthy eating, lifestyle, relationships and living your passion. I am here to share all I learn in my continuous journey to health, longevity, anti-disease, and beauty that is AGELESS. To always be as healthy and happy as I can be in every area of my life and inspire YOU to do the same.

Being Healthy and Happy means always seeking TRUTH, getting informed, never turning a blind eye, getting educated, getting involved and making a difference.
Always working to be the very best you can be in every area.

The LONG of it: My BIO~

A little about my diet, this site and my health conditions…
This came about after a New Year’s resolution to “Be as Healthy and Happy as I can Be” I didn’t know that measuring every aspect of my life to that manta would change it forever…

I have been conscious about my health for many years now, working as an actor, I always want look and feel my best, so, I have tried many different eating styles. I have been vegetarian, paleo, low carb/high fat, high animal protein, and followed the strict anti-candida diet, to name a few-

About a year ago, I went in for a blood test and found out I have the anti bodies for Hashimoto’s, which is a very common low thyroiditis autoimmune disease. My levels have been in the normal range, however, I’ve felt slight effects from it including low energy. I quickly found out that, as with any auto immune disease, the FIRST thing to do is to eliminate ALL GLUTEN from the diet. Gluten, actually is the primary cause of all autoimmune diseases! (Gluten is a protein found in wheat that over the years has changed to the point we can no longer digest it) this is why SO many people are sensitive and have auto immune issues. Times change, and so must we. And heal that gut! UPDATE: 6/2014 My blood work in all areas are better than ever, and my antibodies for Hoshimotos went down 287 points! Almost in non existent range after only 5 months of diet change! All vitamin levels are better now being vegan and gluten free than before!

Back to my diet, it took some time, but finally have eliminated all gluten from my diet and feel much better, as a matter of fact, I didn’t notice the effects before, but now, if I eat, even a trace, I feel quite ill. ALSO, it had been on my mind to eliminate all animal products from my diet, and finally made the decision for good after watching “Forks Over Knives.”

I can not tell you the enlightenment that comes from going Vegan…the sense of well being, the clear conscious…just try it for 30 days and you will know what I mean.

In all this Vegan food/Raw Food I didn’t really know what I was doing, and started to really notice some digestive issues. (I have also had issues with candida for years and always limited sugar as to not aggravate it). I was feeling bloated and wanted to feel as light and free as can be, so I stumbled upon the 80/10/10 diet or “Raw Till 4” diet which is a high (mostly fruit) carb/low fat, vegan/mostly raw diet. Dr. Douglass Graham has a book that will blow your mind called “The 80/10/10 diet” that along with Freeleythebananagirl’s Raw till 4 which is mad amounts of fruit for breakfast and lunch and a cooked high carb (gluten free) dinner and a big salad with tons of leafy greens and easy to digest veggies only. This has been LIFE CHANGING! My bloating has gone down, my skin is glowing and I HAVE NEVER FELT MORE ENERGY!! Also read THE CHINA STUDY! This is another life changing book proving why the high carb low fat, whole food, plant based diet is the way to go for health.

So, long story (not) short, I will be posting foods and info following my research and experience with this eating style, mostly raw, high carb, low fat, and zero processed food…can you believe I’m eating fruit? (I haven’t for years thinking it had too much sugar)…I’ve learned it’s eating lots of fats, healthy fats, that cause the blood sugar levels to rise, many people have a hard time with all that fat, but no one ever tells you that because they tell you how healthy it is, which it is, but only in super moderation… There is SO much false information out there it is hard not to get confused, my job is to find THE TRUTH…so enjoy!

This is a place for me to share all my research on healthy, longevity, anti-disease, and beauty that is AGELESS, which is a huge passion in my life! This is truly the Healthiest most natural and Happy way to eat…and so much FUN!

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