My Vegan Thanksgiving + Vlogmas Day 1

Check out my latest vlog where I show you my prep work for my organic, gluten-free, plant-based, whole-food FEAST!

This is the third year in a row I made a vegan Thanksgiving for the fam…

Here is the video…also, I’ll post info on my other 2 vegan Thanksgiving below with recipes and posts!



🌟New Video🌟Organic, whole-food, plant-based & gluten-free Thanksgiving Feast! Hop over and watch the vlog (link in bio) Plus, should I #vlogmas?? I need your suggestions!! Please?!? In the meantime I’ll list everything I made to inspire your #VeganChristmas… Okay we have: ➖Plant-based “meatloaf” recipe from @Rouxbe cooking school (black beans, mushrooms, rice, quinoa, walnuts, fresh herbs, sweet potato, celeriac root + more) ➖Mushroom gravy- so good-I’ll post recipe soon ➖Smashed gold potatoes with coconut milk, vegan butter, garlic & salt n pepper. ➖ @thefoodbabe cranberry sauce recipe ➖ Dill peas, modified from @veggiesdontbite ➖cornbread muffins from @texanerin ➖Caesar Salad with chickpea croutons and vegan Parmesan cheese, recipe from @ohsheglows 💚💚💚

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2014 Meal + Full Blog Post


Day 27: #ThanksgivingDinner ⭐️ #HappyThanksgiving everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful day! Last #Thanksgiving I remember not feeling too hot after I ate…this was before I was completely #vegan and #glutenfree. I’m feeling so much better this year because everything was made from scratch, completely #plantbased, gluten-free & refined #sugarfree…right down to the #homemade #pumpkinpie (which I will post soon). This was the first time I cooked everything for the family and it was awesome…although I’m pretty tired…😉 I will post a detailed blog with everything I made this year, by the end of the weekend. Mostly everything was from other sites, and it all turned out #delicious! #27DaysOfThanks for #family and healthy #crueltyfree food! Love to all!! ❤️

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