Vlog: My Experience with the KonMari Method + Yard Sale

The last few months I have been KonMari-ing like crazy…

the whole process can take several months and it starts to feel almost like life is put on-hold until it is complete…In the book “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” Marie Kondo explains how tidying your space can tidy your life and can even lead to the organization of your life on a much greater scale. It truly helps you to discover your true interests, personal style and what really makes you happy. As you hold each item, in one category at a time (clothes, books, misc.), in your hand and ask yourself does this “spark joy?” If it doesn’t spark joy it gets thrown in the pile of stuff to get rid of thus clearing your home and ultimately your mind as well.

I finally finished going through this process and while I still have a lot to do as far as organizing my space, I have gotten rid of so many things and feel so light and free. I wanted to go through this process to help me decide what I wanted to do next with my life…I was engaged last year and thought my life was heading in a particular direction only to find it not to be and the apartment I am living in holds many memories of the past 6 years, should I get a fresh start? I do really love my place and especially my neighborhood. I feel safe and secure here and it’s kind of in my comfort zone (which can be a good thing as a single women living in a big city). Still, I can’t help but feel moving would feel really exciting. I hate to use money as an excuse for anything but I have an amazing deal on rent and it does seem foolish to spend any more than I am paying now as I enjoy the freedom this low rent allows me. Since I got rid of SO MUCH stuff it almost feels like I just moved in! I barely have any furniture which feels really nice. I would like to say that I am a minimalist now, even though I’ve always kind of had that mindset, to consciously call myself a minimalist gives me even more clarity on how to live my life. Less waste, super planned out purchases and the feeling of not needing anything are some of the benefits of this lifestyle. 

For now, I am practicing feeling gratitude for all that I have. I am envisioning some new decorating I can do in my apartment to make it feel brand new to me and fill it with things that make me feel happy. I talked to the landlord about making some changes and I already have some new items picked out that would feel lovely in here…Stay tuned for more updates and check out my last vlog of more of what was said here and the yard sale I had to get rid of the old in order to make room for the new!

♥ Jess