New Series: #12DaysOfChristmas Starts this Sunday!

#12DaysofChristmas: Healthy Holiday Foods!!

Hey everyone! I’m starting a new series NEXT Sunday focusing on Pretty & Healthy Holiday Foods! I would love for you to join me…as a matter I’d love your HELP and inspiration!

I want to feature one of your healthy recipes OR pictures during my series! Just tag me (@healthhappyjess) in a healthy holiday inspired recipe and I will either try out your recipe and share your page OR share your picture and profile on my page, I will pick at least 2 people to feature…so let’s start cooking!!


Green Superfood Smoothie~ 

Handful of Spinach
1 cup of frozen pineapple
Dr. Schulze Superfood
Coconut Water

This will give you an afternoon burst of energy!!! ♥