5 Easy Tips on Switching to a Healthy + GF/Vegan Diet (on a Budget)

I’ve spent most of my adult life eating healthy…

I find it to be the single most important thing to do to look your best, feel your best and prevent illness. It’s an investment, as a matter of fact, I probably spend more on healthy food and supplements than on any other thing. The reason for this is because I believe you pay for it now or you pay for it later…

With that being said, it honestly doesn’t have to be SO expensive…

I also know that when you make the switch to a healthier lifestyle and contemplate a plant-based and/or gluten-free diet you can start to feel overwhelmed by all the choices of superfoods and supplements out there. You may not know even where to start…
On the other hand, you might become frustrated by what seems to be the LACK of plant-based food choices…you may wonder “what’s the best vegan cheese alternative” or “what kind of bread do I buy!” It can make you just want to forget the whole thing altogether…I GET IT!!

It honestly doesn’t have to be so confusing!!

That is why I spend so much time bringing the resources to you…I’ve been there and studied and experimented with it all and I LOVE to share what I learn with all of you so that you don’t have to feel alone and you can get some inspiration from someone who is actually living it and has been for years…

I am here to help.

Here are 5 foolproof resources that will help you to easily and inexpensively make the healthy plant-based choices for you and your family and these just so happen to be fun too!

 1. Order from Vitacost
If you’ve followed me for a while you will have seen me talk about this mega-resource because I have been ordering from them every month for YEARS. I find them to have the most discounted food and supplement products out there. Not only are they super easy to order from and have specials constantly on the already discounted products, they also deliver to your door within 2 days and the selection is better than your local Whole Foods. Oh, and if food and supplements weren’t enough they have a lot of drugstore options too like eco dental floss, dish soap, pet foods and even Himalayan salt lamps!
So next time you come across a recipe ingredient that has you scratching your head, type the product into the Vitacost search box and the next thing you know, it will be on your doorstep without breaking your bank account, seriously.

I always post my Vitacost hauls on my social media, if you want to follow me to get more inspo on what I order, make sure you are following me on my Insta and YouTube channels…Oh, and I might as well offer you a code to get 20% off your first purchase right? Just click this link and sign up and you can thank me later…Vitacost.com2. Shop Your Local Farmer’s Market
Okay, this might me the most fun one on the list because you can really make a day of it or start a weekly ritual with a friend and you will learn SO much about local and seasonal food every time you visit. If you haven’t ever gone YOU MUST.
Eating local and seasonal fruits and vegetables is the healthiest way to eat those said colorful powerhouses. They provide for our bodies exactly what we need per season so we can stay in optimal health. The people who work in the booths know a lot, pick their brain, you will learn something new, guaranteed. Oh, and since we are on the subject of inexpensive, the produce is always discounted from what they sell in the store and sometimes you can talk them down. 😉

3. Don’t Forget about Trader Joe’s
Sometimes when we are on our Farmer’s Market kicks and online shopping we forget just how doggone low Trader Joe’s prices are especially on greens, potatoes, produce, frozen fruits, veggies, tea, flowers and they just started selling super cheap nutritional yeast! Compare prices!!! Pick out which things you always buy at trader Joe’s so you can run in and grab those few inexpensive items and get on out!

4. Eat Simply
Eating simple whole fruits and veggies is the most important thing to keep in mind. Make sure you are smashing in the healthy carbs: bananas, potatoes, quinoa, rice, veggies, dates, etc and filling up…The main thing you want to keep in mind is making sure you are food combining properly and just eat simply. A quick rule on food combining is to eat the bulk of your fruit in the am before any cooked foods and never after and try eating greens at every meal.
Fruit and smoothies in the am and eating a huge salad with your favorite veggies and potato wedges or sweet potato (no-oil) fries in the pm will be your best friend on this healthy lifestyle. It may sound simple and it is! Eating simply is not expensive, picking up a bunch of bananas and a bag of potatoes is super cheap. Definitely don’t try and get too fancy with your food when you are first starting out because you will burn out quick. Keep it simple and carbed up!

5. Follow Inspiring Food and Lifestyle Accounts on Social Media
This might be the most important tip for switching from a SAD to a plant-based one. The reason why is because at first it may seem radical to only eat plants, right?! You kinda have to see it to believe it, see what other people are eating, rather, THRIVING on daily. There are some amazing people posting content daily, so get inspired. Most of these peeps are also alerting you of when things are on sale or offering discount codes too! You will learn SO MUCH about what is out there on this lifestyle…and I promise you will learn what vegan cheese is best!!

Another great resource is NutritionFacts.org, Dr. McGregor the author of “How Not to Die” post regular YouTube videos that debunk health myths and offer great insights based on medical research that promote a healthy whole-food and plant-based diet.

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